Outreach & Advocacy

Outreach & Advocacy program is working with a vision of a Jordanian society educated and aware and effectively contributor to preserve the marine environment. It aims to raise the culture of Jordanian society about the marine environment in Jordan and enable them to maintain. Since its establishment JREDS and through this program played an important role in strengthen their stakeholders database through developing a solid understanding to stakeholders roles, needs and responsibility. In addition, advocacy campaigns were established to advocate for right- based approach, which ultimately aims to influence decision makers to act positively toward marine conservation in Aqaba.

JREDS coordinates strongly with the Environmental Commission of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), as the focal point for our work on the marine environment on advocacy issues. In addition, it works with the private and public sectors in order to promote environmentally sound techniques. JREDS plays an important advocacy role for the environment with all stakeholders in Aqaba particularly concerning marine-related issues. JREDS aims to influence the decision makers in Aqaba by encouraging ASEZA and other government parties to introduce deterrent penalties for polluters. Our advocacy activities include monitoring the ongoing environmental issues of Aqaba. JREDS is confident that its public education and outreach programs are establishing a good foundation for success and that the community will support the enforcement of regulations and will be part of the process of maintaining a sustainable, healthy marine environment. JREDS represents the NGO and CBO community in Aqaba and sitting on the Trustees Committee of the AMP. As well, it has a seat as an observer Board Member with the Glass Boat Society.