Project Title:

Our Beaches are Not for Sale

Project Duration:

2011 – 2013

Project Objectives:

In 2001, a total of 15 kilometers of Aqaba’s shoreline was still publicly owned, out of the 27 Km coastline area in Aqaba. However, a rapid decline in public beaches areas have been recognized after the establishment of ASEZA - the management authority for development at Aqaba-, for investments purposes by private ownership, and only 5 kilometers of public access beachfront remains so far.

Therefore, this project was initiated by JREDS to act quickly, to conserve public’s access to the beachfront, which in consequence will contribute to the conservation of the fragile marine habitats at Aqaba. A total of 136 organizations and over 2,600 adults, youth, women, students and persons with disabilities have been participated in a campaign under the title “Our Beaches are NOT FOR SALE”, which succeeded to include “Public Beaches” in Aqaba’s master landuse plan.

Partner Organizations:

USAID – Jordan Civil Society Program

Outstanding Achievements:
  • The approval of adding “Public Beach” in the Aqaba’s Master Plan, by ASEZA Board of Commissioners and issued in the Official Gazette by the Cabinet.
  • The outstanding collaboration between project partners, stakeholders and volunteers to carry forward the environmental advocacy movement on a national level.