Project Title:

Out to Sea... Plastic Garbage

Project Duration:

2014 - 2015

Project Objectives:

A regional project implemented in partnership with Morocco, Lebanon and Egypt. It aims to show in a practical way the linkage between products we daily use, our behavior regarding solid plastic garbage and the growing plastic littering of the world’s oceans in addition to its negative effects. The project succeeded to integrate several layers in addition to the exhibition of plastic garbage where cleanup campaigns, research, educational material, environmental awareness and the promotion of environmental conscious messages were performed. The following objectives were achieved over the project period

  • Ensure designing, executing and implementing the exhibition venue and its supporting spaces according to the needed standard
  • Create awareness that plastic garbage has a negative effects on the marine ecological, social and economic aspects of the Gulf of Aqaba
  • Adopt positive changes through interactive educational activities, this shall raise awareness and knowledge to the negative effects of plastic garbage
  • Ensure the integration of the project activities with private business enrolled with different activities such as recycling, Green Key and Blue Flag programs in best practices of plastic use and management
  • Ensure collecting scientific information to aid the development of the exhibition design and enrich the information to be provided aiming at rising the awareness toward plastic garbage effects on the marine life
Partner Organizations:

Drosos Foundation in Cooperation with the Museum fuer Gestaltung in Zurich

Outstanding Achievements:
  • First Pioneer plastic garbage exhibition have been established at the national level, with more than 5000 visitors from Jordan and other nationalities.
  • More than 75 media channels at the local, national, regional and international levels covered the exhibition
  • Scientific reports on garbage at Aqaba beaches were developed, which added to the awareness and knowledge level at the national level.