Project Title:

HELAND Project

Project Duration:

2012 - 2015

Project Objectives:

HELAND is a European framework project aiming to promote socio-economic sustainable development through innovative technological actions for Mediterranean tourism-heritage and landscapes protection clusters. HELAND counts with the participation of organizations from Malta, Spain, Cyprus, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon dealing with tourism studies, regional development and innovative solutions. Technological actions for Mediterranean tourism-heritage and landscapes protection clusters.

JREDS was a pioneer partner in selecting an underwater potential heritage site, represented by the Shipwreck “Cedar Pride”. The shipwreck holds an extraordinary natural, cultural and social values and is considered by far the most attractive site for tourism at the Gulf of Aqaba. The ship drowns in 1985, as per his majesty King Abdulla II “Prince Abdulla at that time” orders, after the extensive damage that has happened to its body due to the fire. The project aimed to promote the Shipwreck as a well-kept diving site with its rich natural and culture history.

Partner Organizations:

The European Commission through ENPI (European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument) Program.

Outstanding Achievements
  • Biodiversity, gender and socio- economic information are well- studied and documented for the Cedar Pride.
  • A group of well- trained divers from Aqaba on Reef Check are accessible.
  • The first 3D virtual movie for the Cedar Pride shipwreck was released