Project Title:

Water Young Reporters Program

Project Duration:

2013 - 2014

Project Objectives:

The project aimed to empower and create a network of young passionate reporters capable of reporting water issues in Jordan. The project was accomplished through video or photographic essays in a proper and professional manner under the umbrella of the FEE’s Water Young Reporters Project which is a division of the Young Reporters for the Environment.

This project is considered to be the first of its kind in the Middle East. It succeeded to quip a group of 480 school students with the set of skills in different journalism fields in order to achieve developing media products, coming up with feasible solutions, raising proper awareness about water issues in Jordan. These goals are intended to help fight the water scarcity problems in Jordan, help people to take a proactive approach in becoming a part of the solution, and show people how easy change can be implemented against a serious problem on a national level.

Partner Organizations:

USAID/Public Action Project (PAP)

Outstanding Achievements:
  • Raise the capacity of 12 university students with a background in water and environmental science whom will serve the role mentors in the project.
  • Signing 60 commitment letters with schools in 3 provinces within Jordan.
  • Conducting several workshops for 480 students to raise their knowledge and awareness to water issues and how to report back.
  • A total of 120 finished media products received, with 24 shortlisted products.
  • Four winning media products.