Project Title:

Together for a Greener Environment

Project Duration:


Project Objectives:

The Aqaba region entered a new era in 2000 with the declaration of Aqaba as a “Special Economic Zone”. This transformation leads to intensification of economic and other developmental activities that placed the city of Aqaba and its marine environment under increasing pressure and jeopardized its sustainability. The preservation of Aqaba’s marine ecosystem thus became one of the country’s foremost environmental concerns.

To cope with the development of Aqaba, JREDS has initiated this project to promote eco-friendly behaviors by developing Eco-school initiative at Aqaba’s schools. This shall enhance awareness raising among public on environmental issue. In addition, JREDS developed advocacy campaigns in order to mobilize support to protect, conserve and sustain the special marine ecosystems, and to control human-caused damage.

Partner Organizations:

Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF)

Outstanding Achievements:
  • Create an effective Eco- schools program at Aqaba, after the success achieved by JREDS in Amman city, where environmental awareness is an intrinsic part.
  • Encourage positive behaviors and attitudes among youth groups and local community of Jordan toward environment. This has supported awareness raise and knowledge share.
  • Providing an excellent opportunity for students to experience active citizenship in their schools during democratic and participatory program.
  • Promoting sustainable development education in schools by encouraging children and youth to take an active role in managing their schools and homes by following effective approaches that would benefit the environment.