Exhibition plastic Garbage out to Sea

Out to Sea... Plastic Garbage Project" is a project funded by Drosos Foundation in Cooperation with the Museum fuer Gestaltung in Zurich, and implemented in 2014- 2015 by the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS). The projects aimed to raise knowledge and awareness toward plastic garbage issues and its negative effects on the marine live. This project which was implemented at a regional level (Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Jordan), is part of an international attempt to spread the word to a wide range of countries over the world.

The project main output is the “Plastic Garbage - out to Sea?” exhibition developed in cooperation with the Drosos foundation Museum fuerGestaltung in Zurich. The focus of that exhibition is to show in a practical way the linkage between products we daily use, our behavior regarding solid plastic garbage and the growing plastic littering of the world’s oceans in addition to its negative effects. However, the exhibition is an umbrella for many more layers, the cleanup campaigns and research in Aqaba; the production of educational material; environmental awareness workshops and the promotion of environmental conscious messages, in addition to other support activities, like a full interactive educational program which shall be targeting different age structures to ensure raising the problems of plastic garbage in Jordan and the need to minimize it.

The project aim to stimulate a movement of awareness about the environmental challenges our marine life faces. We want to provoke the local community by reaching out and speaking a language they would understand, and communicate a Jordan specific environmental issue. Build and raise awareness of the negative effects of plastic garbage in the Red Sea and the Dead Sea amongst the Jordanian population and of the extent of people’s contribution to marine littering, and encourage people to change their behavior and reduce their consumption of goods resulting in plastic garbage, as well as especial emphasis on recycling. Encourage the involvement of the public and private sector.


  • Establishing the first exhibition in Jordan, on plastic garbage and its effects on marine environment. This exhibition holds several messages related to upcycling, down cycling and marine life.
  • An extraordinary media coverage with more than 75 national, regional and international media channels covered the exhibition. Part of these media are Al Jazeera, DW, Reuters, Jordanian TV, Ro’ya and several others
  • The project reached more than 2500 visitors as well as more than 11,000.00 students in three governorates in Jordan
  • Strengthen the collaboration between Jordan's sector including governmental bodies, private sector and CBOs
  • The project research added to ou knowledge on plastic garbage and supported building solid management solutions
  • The project supported the renovation of the oldest hotel in Jordan which impacted the city of Amman positively